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Maple-Star Anise Cranberry Sports Drink



8 portions




  1. Mix together all the ingredients.
  2. Leave to infuse for one hour.
  3. Refrigerate.

While training for more than 60 minutes, it is important to provide your muscles with carbohydrates in order to maintain good energy levels, especially if your last meal was more than two hours before your physical activity or if your workout is particularly intense. For workouts of more than one hour, make sure you bring along a flask filled with this drink to get the recommended 30-60 g of carbohydrates you need. This maple syrup-based energy drink recipe provides sugars that are easily absorbed by your muscles as well as electrolytes (sodium and potassium) to replace those that you sweat out. This is a homemade energy drink with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. A home-grown, pure and natural energy source!Per 500 ml portion: 114 calories; 0 g protein; 0 g fat; 30 g carbohydrates; 0 g fibre.

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