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The Stages of Maple

The Sap Flows

In springtime, usually the month of March when it’s cold at night and warm during the day, the sap of the sugar maple tree begins to flow.

The Sap is Collected

The maple sap is collected in buckets or a tubing system, and sent to the sugar shack.


The collected sap is put in a large receptacle called an evaporator to be boiled until it becomes delicious maple syrup. It takes an average of 40 litres of maple sap to make just one litre of maple syrup.


Maple sap can be turned into dozens of different maple products, such as syrup, water, butter, flakes, sugar, and block sugar. They’re all made of pure, 100% natural maple.


The only thing left to do is enjoy some maple! Did you know that 95% of Quebeckers consume maple syrup more than once a week?

The Chemistery of Maple