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The Ecosystem, the Fauna, the Flora

Did you know that a sugar bush is an actual ecosystem? Its trees and plants absorb light and water (in a process called photosynthesis) and release the oxygen that the whole world and everything living in it need. That’s pretty impressive!

The sun makes the ’ roots grow, while rain waters the flowers, plants, and trees of the maple forest. Animals, birds and insects feed on these plants and, in turn, some of them are food for other animals, birds and insects. This is the circle of life…

The Sugar Bush…Environmentally Friendly!

have their own story. They serve as home and nourishment for the flora and fauna. They are born; they grow; and they die. They’re then used to heat the evaporator in the sugar shack, or to make toys and furniture, or even to build houses.

You’ll find a large variety of , flowers, plants, animals, insects, and birds in the sugar bush. Underground, moles and insects are at work decomposing the humus. In the underbrush, there are wood frogs, red-backed salamanders, mice, chipmunks, hares, partridges, raccoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, bears, and deers. Look up in the trees, and you’ll see many kinds of insects, woodpeckers such as the Northern flicker, black-capped chickadees, wood thrushes, owls like the Eagle owl, squirrels, and porcupines. The sugar bush is full of life!

Furthermore, the is home to a wide variety of plants and flowers, some of which are quite rare and in need of protection, such as the ramp (wild garlic), ginseng, and the trillium. Put all together, it’s like a beautiful garden. And it smells so good!

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The History of Maple Syrup