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Maple syrup tastes great, but that’s not all. Over the past few years, scientists around the world have conducted extensive research on maple. That’s how we now know that maple syrup contains more than 100 nutrients, includiing several vitamins and minerals that are good for you. Scientific experiments have even proven that maple syrup has a super antioxidant capability comparable to that of brocoli. These are juste some of the secret benefits hidden in every little drop of maple syrup.


Maple syrup also contains inulin, which belongs to the prebiotic family. It feeds the good bacteria (the kind you want) that live in your tummy and fight the bad bacterias.


Maple syrup is a source of energy, the fuel that makes your body work. So, if you didn’t get the fuel you need for energy, you wouldn’t be able to play your favorite game or sport!


Maple syrup contains 67 antioxidants compounds, including the molecule Quebecol… named, of course, on honor of Quebec! Tomatoes and brocoli are foods rich in antioxidants, little secret agents that protect your body from heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. They’re great friends to have!


Maple syrup is a source of calcium, an essantial mineral that helps your teeth and bones grow and stay healthy. Whitout it, just a small bump could cause you a broken bone and your visits to the dentist would be even less fun.


Maple syrup is a source of magnesium, another essential mineral that teams up with calcium to keep your bones healty. Scientist even tell us that magnesium helps your muscles recover after physical exercise.

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